Sharing internet using Network-Over-USB in BeagleBone Black

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BeagleBone is a credit card sized computer used as an embedded development hardware known for its reasonable pricing and flexibility in use. Use of Capes make the BBB more acceptable among hobbyist.


BBB comes with a USB connectivity named USB-Ethernet, by default has as the ip address, which can be used to do Arduino like programming using Cloud9 IDE.

This post is intended to help users to make use of USB networking of BBB to get access to the world of internet by network sharing from the host computer. The main advantage of using this approach is that users can get rid of the need for using long ethernet cables if the router is far away, or only Wifi network is available.

Debian distribution Debian distribution

The Debian OS is used for the testing which is obtained from here.

BBB console can be got by using the following command


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