Loading Lubuntu OS in CubieTruck


This post is about loading Lubuntu OS in to the Cubietruck board.

We can either use the usual method which involves booting from an SD card,to which the image of the required OS is written. The one explained here involves loading the image directly in to the NAND flash of the cubietruck using LiveSuit (for Linux and Mac users. For windows users PhoenixSuit can be used).

The steps are as described below.

Download image of required OS. The Lubuntu OS is available here

Link : http://dl.cubieboard.org/software/a20-cubietruck/lubuntu/ct-lubuntu-nand-v1.02/

Install LiveSuit in to the system. The steps for installing livesuit is avilable here: http://linux-sunxi.org/LiveSuit

Press and hold the FEL key and connect the OTG cable (mini USB cable) from PC to the board and wait for the prompt.

Choose suitable option from the dialogue box and wait for the loading process to complete. Do not disconnect the OTG cable inbetween the flashing process.

Once the flashing is complete you can boot the cubietruck from its nand flash. At first it will take a bit long for the sytem to boot. ( Note : These instructions were carried out and tested in LinuxMint 17 and Ubuntu 14.04 LTS. The LiveSuit Didn’t worked well in a 32 bit Linux system it returned some error saying “waiting for Fes device time out”, but worked well in a 64 bit linux System).


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